What You Need to Know First About Under Eye Filler in Arizona

If you seek to eliminate dark circles under the eye area, then an under-eye filler procedure is one alternative. This procedure involves injecting dermal fillers to improve the appearance of the discolored or sunken under-eye area. The dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid fillers designed primarily for cheeks, lips, and hand injections.

The cost of under-eye filler Arizona has available is around $1,500 per syringe of dermal fillers, which means $3,000 for a procedure that will hold for the next 18 months up to two years. However, the cost of under-eye fillers can be much less in other locations, such as outside urban areas.

Club Aesthetics is a premier Medical Spa for skin treatments in Gilbert, Az. Our Med spa has a wide variety of cosmetic and beauty services to meet your needs. Though we don’t offer under-eye filler services, we provide Botox in Gilbert, Az, and other beauty care services such as fillers on other facial areas, PRM, Microneedling, facial and eyelash augmentations, waxing, injections, laser treatments, and hair removal. Aside from topics about eye and dermal fillers, we also talk about Rhinoplasty in Az and how much skin mole removal cost on this site.

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The Benefits of Under Eye Fillers

The most obvious benefit of getting under-eye fillers is their immediate results. Most patients will wake up feeling fresher within hours of their procedure. Though under-eye fillers are claimed to last for 18 months, having hyaluronic acid fillers have some benefits. According to some dermatologists, these plump fine lines and wrinkles by adding volume, plus dermal fillers, stimulate collagen production and elastin. Other benefits are a brighter, plumper, and healthier-looking under-eye area. Hyaluronic fillers thereby produce an overall more youthful appearance with a less tired-looking under-eye area with no dark facial skin. 

Having problems with smile lines, marionette lines, facial lines, deep lines around the orbital, or to enhance your facial volume? Then these fillers are a method that can compensate for the lost volume around the eyes, or in the case of other treatments, other parts of the face such as lip injections.

Under-eye fillers are also known as tear trough fillers typically made of hyaluronic acid. Tear trough fillers are considered safe for dermal filler treatments, and are effective dermal fillers. Tear trough fillers are injectable fillers preferred as under-eye fillers, and lip fillers to restore volume over the injection site.

What Happens During an Under-Eye Filler Treatment

A typical procedure takes between 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the unique needs of the dermal filler of a patient. The anesthetic used is topical such as applying a numbing cream over the treatment area or other applicable painkillers. You can expect some numbness. Once the effect of the numbing cream wears off, you can expect some unfamiliar feeling in the orbital bone because of the slight alteration in facial anatomy. However, the surface is not uncomfortable. The dermal filler procedure may result in some bruising or swelling. However, these don’t last long, and most dermal filler procedures don’t result in much bruising.

Under-Eye Fillers vs Botox Treatments

Botox and Under-eye fillers address different portions of the facial anatomy. While Botox treatments do a fine job eliminating crepiness, wrinkles, and fine lines, under-eye fillers can address volume loss. Microneedling can help fine out the texture in the treatment area. Still, when there is significant volume loss in the tear trough, a dermal filler can better improve the appearance under the eye area. In the hands of qualified plastic surgeons or a board-certified dermatologist, the appropriate body contouring procedure suitable for a patient’s needs is available.

Side Effects of Under Eye Fillers

Dermatologists will warn you of potential side effects during the initial consultation. Patients should be clear of any allergic reaction to hyaluronic acid-based fillers first. Only a board-certified dermatologist can perform an under-eye filler procedure to prevent extreme cases of blindness if the procedure isn’t done carefully. Moreover, a dermal filler procedure should take place only under controlled conditions with a hyaluronidase on hand in case the need to reverse the filler is required. The bruising and swelling around the injection site should only last for one or two days. Patients should also avoid placing their heads below their waist for the next 24 hours, especially during exercising. In some cases, noticeable bruising may last up to 10 days after the procedure. Cold compresses can help the recovery process to address the swelling.

Takeaways: Ask Us About Your Beauty Needs!

Under-eye dermal fillers can provide immediate benefits. If one can afford it, the improvement in self-esteem and confidence outweighs the cost of an under-eye dermal filler procedure. Alternatives such as Botox are available, and we are more than ready to talk about everything that can make you beautiful once you call us at (480) 219-9056. If you have severe wrinkles, nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, or any aesthetic concerns, visit us in our MedSpa at Gilbert at 1094 S Gibert Rd #103, Gilbert, Az, 85296. 

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